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Nominate a Nursing Colleague for a Maryland Nurses Association Award.

Posted 9 days ago

Nominate a Nursing Colleague for a Maryland Nurses Association Award. The Maryland Nurses Association has eight (8) awards that are given annually at its convention.  These include:

The Outstanding Nursing Practice Award

            Presented to a MNA member to recognize a nurse in direct patient care whose care is a source of pride to self, peers, patient/clients and colleagues.  This award is given to the nurse you would most want to care for your loved ones.

The Outstanding Nurse Educator Award

            Presented to a MNA member who has demonstrated excellence in nursing education, continuing education or staff development. This award is given to a nurse educator who has provided others with exceptional educational opportunities.

The Outstanding Leadership Award

            Presented to a MNA member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the performance of activities on behalf of nursing and the MNA. This award is given to a leader who has furthered MNA’s mission and nursing’s agenda.

The Outstanding Advanced Practice Clinical Nurse Award

            Presented to a MNA member who has demonstrated excellence in clinical practice.  The recipient should be an innovator and combine clinical practice with a major leadership function such as research, education, professional services, community services, or scholarly activities.

The Outstanding Dissemination of Health Information Award

            Presented in recognition of achievements in the dissemination of health information to the public.  Coverage may include illness prevention or wellness promotion.  This award could come from the print, radio, television, cinematic or other similar mass medium. The nominees for this award are not required to be an MNA member.

The Outstanding Pathfinder Award

            Presented to a MNA member who has demonstrated excellence and creative leadership that fosters development of the nursing profession.  The recipient has pioneered in innovation in nursing or developed creative approaches to further nursing’s agenda.

The Outstanding Mentoring Award

            Presented to a MNA member who shows individuals how to put into practice the professional concepts of nursing by example and through wise counsel and advice. This award is given to a mentor who best demonstrates outstanding efforts and interest in the professional development and advancement of less experienced nurses.

Stierle Exemplary Service Award

            Presented to an MNA member who has provided exemplary service to the association and/or the nursing profession through significant contributions to a MNA Committee/Board, a MNA District Committee/Board, and or through efforts that enhance the Maryland Nurses Association and/or the nursing profession as a whole.

The awardees will be recognized at the 116th Annual Convention, Nov. 14-15 at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Balitmore.

Nominating Instructions:

  1. MNA members or Districts recommend nominees, who must be a current member.
  2. A Nominating Form must be completed for each nominee.
  3. Nominations must address the specific criteria noted for each award on the Nominating Form.
  4. A photo of the nominee should be submitted with the nominating materials.


Each award is competitive and will be selected by the Awards Committee, except as noted.


Awards will be presented at MNA's 116th Annual Convention, November 14-15, 2019 at the Sheraton Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel. 

Please complete the 2019 MNA Awards Application and submit the application, along with all other Nominating materials, to MNA's Office by Monday, September 30, 2019 for consideration.  You may also submit the application electronically to Jennifer Arigo, MBA, CAE, MNA's Executive Director at