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MNA Welcomes Dr. Melani Bell as the New Vice President to MNA Board of Directors

Posted about 1 month ago

Welcome MNA’s Newly Elected Vice President, Dr. Melani Bell

On Thursday evening, December 17, 2020, Dr. Melani Bell was elected to the role of Vice President of the Maryland Nurses Association by the Board of Directors (BOD). Melani has demonstrated a vested interest in MNA’s mission, vision, and core values that promote nursing excellence and influence on best practices in health care delivery. As the current Legislative Chair and as one of the leaders for the BOD’s, Melani has committed herself to supporting the MNA President and representing Maryland nurses on both the local and national level. This role will assist her in acquiring additional leadership skills, as well as, continuing to serve as a nurse advocate during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Melani Bell 27 days ago

Thank you to the Board of Directors, I am honored to serve as VP for MNA supporting my peers to improve best practices for MD nurses and health care for all Marylanders!

Dr. Charlotte Wood 23 days ago

Congratulations and Welcome to the Executive Board. You will be a true asset to MNA's leadership team.

Cathy Gibson 21 days ago

On behalf of District 9, Congratulations Melani! We are so excited for you and for the great work you will be doing as the MNA Vice President!

Vann Joyner, BSN, RN about 19 hours ago

Congrats Melani !!!

Kristen Mc Verry about 9 hours ago

Congratulations Melani! Well deserved and excited for your new adventure.

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