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Posted about 1 month ago

Greetings and Happy Monday Members,

As we enter WEEK 4 of Nurses Month, we focus on COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.

What is community engagement in healthcare?

WHO (World Health Organization) has defined community engagement as “a process of developing relationships that enable stakeholders to work together to address health-related issues and promote well-being to achieve positive health impact and outcomes”.

Why is community engagement important in nursing?

Promoting awareness of health issues through engagement programs helps community members identify issues early and obtain preventive care. Community engagement also plays a key role in improving access to healthcare and empowering communities with tools and information so that they can make high-quality, informed decisions on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and support.

THANK YOU for all that you do in and for your communities!  You MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Please join us for some community engagement activities planned for this week.

We invite you to join us tomorrow for Coppin State University Partners with The Maryland Nurses Association to Present: NURSES DISCUSS WITH THE COMMUNITY: “Breathing is Essential” A Lesson in the Respiratory Distress Of Asthma vs. Anaphylaxis. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Join District 5 this Thursday for their Nurse Well-Being Series III - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

For more information about this event visit MNA's District 5's website: